Танк-охладитель молока GEA Farm Technologies Kryos

Westfalia employs the most modern technology to ensure the preservation of milk quality, sanitation and long-term reliability in one compact, easy-to-use milk cooling tank Kryos (from 885 to 10,000 l)

Цена: от 1386378 руб.


No other tank combines all of these features in such an attractive unit:


  • efficient, high capacity cooling with exclusive STI evaporator
  • highest quality standards: conforms to EN, ISO and NF standards, class BII; proper cooling at ambient temperatures up to 38º C; refrigeration from 35º to 4º C within 3 hours of milking with ambient temperatures of 32º C
  • Expert control: the industry’s most advanced tank controller is easy to use and with optional software Expertise, which allows data collection and analysis
  • more efficient sanitation: new dynamic water intake A.E.D. system assures better tank cleaning
  • most precise measuring: each tank is individually calibrated and supplied with a calibration chart; calibration is approved by several weights and measures authorities world wide

exclusive digital dipstick: automatically measures and displays milk volume to give the fastest and most accurate reading available

The benefits at a glance:

  • highly efficiency cooling
  • superior sanitation
  • accurate measurement
  • intelligent control
  • compact design
  • from 885 to 10,000 l
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