Танк-охладитель DeLaval DXCR

Танки-охладители молока DeLaval DXCR от 1100 л до 6000 л
Закрытые танки-охладители молока ДеЛаваль - высокотехнологичное решение для охлаждения и хранения большого количества молока на ферме с автоматической системой промывки. ДеЛаваль предлагает охладители с традиционной системой охлаждения молока Direct Expansion (Прямое расширение), которая зарекомендовала себя, как надежное решение для быстрого охлаждения и длительного сохранения качества молока.

Цена: от 1294853 руб.

Designed to minimise energy consumption while providing fast and cost-effective cooling. Insulated with highly effective foaming technology. The inside is cleaned automatically with proven spray ball technology. Its smooth inner surface helps ensure the inner tank is always hygienically free of residues and offers a high trade-in value. DeLaval DXCR tanks are available from 1 100 to 6 000 litres and can be equipped with condensing units for every need.



  • Your choice of a plastic or stainless steel manhole cover.
  • Durable scroll compressor technology cools fast and reduces cooling cost.
  • DeLaval condensing units use environmentally friendly refrigerants and are designed for effective milk cooling.
  • Our standard pre-box eases installation and service.


DXCR technical data

Dimensions in mm.

J = Max. filling capacity in litres
K = Number of evaporators
L = Number of feet
O = Net weight in kilograms 
P = Number of agitators
R = Height (tank at 3%)


M = Size of outlet valve (tanker connection 2” 2.5” 3” on request)


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